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Amethyst crystal ring

Material: metal+stone

Color: purple

Size: 9-14mm

Workmanship: polished

Hot selling stone ring

Material: metal+stone


Color: bronze

Workmanship: electroplate

Natural stone hexagonal ring

Material: metal+stone

Size:Stone material length 3cm wide 0.87cm outer ring diameter 20.42mm

Color: multicolors

Workmanship:  handmade

Natural stone ring

Material: natural stone+metal

Size: 17mm

Color: multicolors

Pattern: natural stone cutting polished


Vintage gemstone turquoise ring

Material:turquoise stone+metal



Workmanship: handmade


Europe and America restore ancient ways gem natural turquoise ring turquoise can have natural crack, grain each can be different, belong to the natural idiosyncrasy of turquoise, whole presents restore ancient ways silvery, won’t fade almost

Vintage luxury glass crystal ring

Material: glass

Color: muliticolors

Workmanship: electroplate

Style: European